Financing your stay

What budget should I allow?

Under French law, international students should have sufficient resources to study without having to work, i.e.
*a monthly minimum of 620€ (Bachelor and Master1)
* a monthly minimum of 770€ (Master 2 and PhD)
This is known as obligatory resources.

In practice, you should allow an average of 600 euros per month to live in Lyon (accommodation, transport, healthcare, food and so on), plus travel costs and initial purchases when you arrive.

We would advise you to draw up a budget for your predicted expenses so that you can live comfortably in France and study in the best conditions.

Grants : Applying for financial aid

To help finance your studies, you can apply for grants from your home country or in France.
For more information on grants from France for international students.

You may also be eligible for MIRA grants for the Rhône-Alpes region (for students, lecturers and doctorate students).

Working in France

You can find a part-time job to help finance your stay.
CROUS (the regional centre for school and university student services) posts student jobs on its web site.

You can also find job offers and advice at