In France, state health insurance covers most (around 70%) of your health and hospitalisation costs: this is known as 'social security'.

Social security does not cover all healthcare costs, so it is advisable take out a policy with an insurance company who will reimburse the rest of the costs.

Are you a citizen of a European Union country, a country in the European Economic Area (Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway), or Switzerland?

You don't need to sign for the French State social security:

Instead, you should get an E128 form or a European Health Insurance Card from your country's social security institution.

If you do not have these documents, you must provide proof of private health insurance that will cover you for the whole academic year with no limitations.

The European Health Insurance Card will allow you to have your medical fees reimbursed while you are in France. You must obtain it from the social security institution in your home country before you leave.

If you are a citizen of a non EU country

If your stay in France is longer than three months: you must be enrolled in the French State student social security system.

This will take place as part of your registration at the Catholic University of Lyon.

If your stay in France is shorter than three months: you do not have to enroll in the French State student social security system.

However, you must provide a document in French proving that you have health insurance that will cover your medical expenses while in France.

If you are a CREPUQ' student

You are covered by the French social security system as long as you are enrolled in a social security centre in Quebec.

You must obtain an SE 401-Q-106 form.