ESTRI, our missions, our vision, our values

"Open to the world for 50 years"

Our missions

50 years after its creation, ESTRI is a school that prepares students for today's working world by transforming a passion for languages into a decisive asset. Through the bridges created between several fields of expertise (translation, international communication, intercultural management, marketing, events) without locking itself into any of them, the school allows students to open up to an international career.

Attaching great importance on language and culture knowledge, ESTRI offers a vast space for the development of multicultural, social and geopolitical dialogues.

The excellence of the teaching provided, in connection with research activities, and the involvement of professionals in our programmes guarantee that future graduates will be able to perfectly match their skills in translation, multilingual communication, digital marketing and international events with today's globalised working world.

Our large network of companies in France and abroad as well as various partnerships with foreign academics and international organizations ensure that our programmes are optimally adapted to the expectations of professionals.

At ESTRI, we don't only study the intercultural, we live it.

Our vision

We aim to become an international reference school and research entity, in accordance with humanist values.

Our graduates must play a key role in modern society by becoming engaged, competent, responsible citizens, open to the world and to others.

Our values

  • Excellence,
  • Commitment,
  • Rigour,
  • Ethics,
  • Adaptability to different cultures and contexts,
  • Openness to the world,
  • Respect,
  • Kindness.