Our team


  • Dominique VINAY, Director
  • Vanessa ELETTO, Deputy Director
  • Ali MOSTFA, Director of the University Partnerships


  • Frédérique THEPAULT, undergraduate programme Officer
  • Francesco GIANNETTO, graduate programme Officer
  • Laura NOSENGO, complementary languages Officer


  • Ahlam HADDADI, Marketing Manager

University relationship

  • Clarisse LAPILLONNE, Incoming mobility project Officer
  • Frédérique THEPAULT, relationship manager with the LEA department of the University of Lumière Lyon 2


  • Valérie ALAMI, University Administrative Officer
  • Laure BELIARD, Institute Assistant
  • Typhaine DEMONT, Institute Assistant
  • Yves GRATALOUP, Institute Assistant


  • Marilyne AURIAT, business relationship and end-of-studies internships Officer
  • Francis BUIL, professional internships Officer for spanish-speaking countries (S06 et S08)
  • Ansgar PRÖBSTING, professional internships Officer for german-speaking countries (S06 et S08)
  • Clarisse LAPILLONNE, socio-professional immersion internships Officer for english-speaking, anglo-saxon and asian countries (S06 et S08)
  • Laura NOSENGO, professional internships Officer for Italia (S06 et S08)

Information, promotion et communication

  • Clotilde BACQUET, Communication Officer


  • Ali MOSTFA, Director of the University Partnerships

Approved examination centre of Cambridge English

  • Andrew SPRAGGINS, Deputy Director
  • Claire NEGRELLO, Executive Assistant