Coaching programme (TSIL)

Graduate degree: Translation and Liaison Interpreting

Module A: Academic Preparation

  • Learn to manage a mission of liaison interpretation
  • Strengthen terminology research technique
  • Discover translation tools (TA, post-editing, search engines and corpus)
  • Reformulate, harmonize and smooth the text style
  • Translate clinical trials

Module B: Professionalizing Preparation

  • Activate the professional network
  • Learn to do self-introduction in 3 minutes
  • Create the website and improve its performance
  • Professional meetings: Learn about audiovisual translation, Promote their own activity as a freelance interpreter and master the customer relations...

Module C: Personal Preparation

  • Understand the image of their own
  • Communicate better to be the actor of their own life

Module D: Preparation for periods of international mobility

  • Manage the internship project
  • Discover the particularities of the countries of internship
  • Prepare the applications for the internship
  • Training for the recruitment interview