Graduate (TSIL) - 1st internship

Specialized Translation and Liaison Interpreting

About the internship

  • Students in 4th year of higher education
  • Languages spoken: French + English + German or Chinese or Spanish or Italian
  • Location: in a country where the student’s second foreign language is spoken (German, Chinese, Spanish or Italian)
  • Length: 6 months
  • Time of year: between January and August

Targeted skills

  • Identify and reproduce the meaning and message of a document
  • Bringing cultural elements together, comparing them and identifying the rules of sociolinguistic interaction
  • Write, reformulate, restructure, condense, adapt
  • Review, modify, correct, rework, optimize, harmonize and smooth translated and pre-translated texts
  • Identify documentation needs and develop documentary and terminology research strategies
  • Organize your dealings with the client/principal, explain/make explicit your needs and objectives, and negotiate
  • Coordinate a translation project, plan, manage the organization
  • Respect the objectives and commitments, and offer a quality service
  • Use a variety of tools to assist in proofreading, translation, terminology, layout, document research
  • Carry out a technological watch and adapt to technological developments in the translator's profession

Career prospects

  • Translation project manager/officer
  • Specialist translator (law, technical, scientific)
  • Adaptation / localisation specialist
  • Liaison interpreter
  • Translation reviser, terminologist, post-editor