Graduate (MICE) - 2nd internship

Intercultural management, Communication and Events coordination

About the internship

  • Students in 5th year of higher education
  • Languages spoken: French + English + German or Chinese or Spanish or Italian
  • Location: wherever in the world
  • Duration: 3 to 6 months
  • Period: between March and August

Targeted skills

  • Identify the intercultural context from an interpersonal, anthropological, behavioural, intergenerational, inter-cultural, international perspective
  • Decode intercultural situations to negotiate and find common ground (in French and in two foreign languages)
  • Propose solutions to intercultural problems, issue recommendations, advise supervisors, support them in decision-making, develop strategies for transformation, adaptation and change management
  • Develop or participate in the definition of the communication/marketing policy, and anticipate a crisis communication strategy
  • Develop message and content strategies, and measure the impact of communication / marketing actions
  • Represent the image / message of a company / organization externally, ensure the animation and stimulation of partner networks
  • Create multilingual (in French and two foreign languages) and multi-media communication materials, coordinate their production and improvement
  • Coordinate a project group, identify skills within a multicultural team, adapt and mediate as necessary
  • Manage international communication, marketing and event projects
  • Identify the needs and expectations of international target/customers
  • Implement a documentary strategy and manage information monitoring
  • Facilitate exchanges, promote the international flow of information and coordinate relations with the press / media
  • Use information and communication technologies and adapt to new tools

Career prospects

  • International Communication / Marketing Officer
  • International Business Development Officer
  • International Mobility Officer
  • International Event Designer / Coordinator
  • Internal and Cross-Cultural Communication Officer
  • International Public Relations / Press Officer