Undergraduate - 2nd internship

Translation and International communication

About the internship

  • Students in 3rd year of higher education
  • Languages spoken: French + English + German or Chinese or Spanish or Italian
  • Location: wherever in the world
  • Duration: 4 to 6 months
  • Period: between January and August

Targeted skills

  • Recognizing cultural references and systems to analyze and identify socio-cultural issues
  • Understanding and comparing organizational, political, economic and international legal systems to assist their superiors
  • Cooperating in the international project organization, management and planning and adapting to different ways of working in a multicultural context
  • Interacting, defending ideas, leading debates/meetings, participating in negotiations and prospecting in several languages
  • Translating and interpreting socio-economic and technical documents from and into two foreign languages
  • Producing, writing, adapting, synthesizing multilingual technical and commercial documents
  • Researching, collecting and using multilingual information in order to create and distribute digital documents
  • Using Office software and adapting to various digital work environments

Career prospects

  • Trilingual Assistant
  • Import-Export Assistant
  • Communication Assistant
  • Translation Assistant
  • Import-Export Assistant