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Translation and International Communication (Bachelor’s level)

Double degree: State-recognized Bachelor’s degree + degree delivered by ESTRI - UCLy

Faculty of Modern Languages and Literature

Our Translation and International Communication programme develops professionals capable of participating in the international development and communication of companies and humanitarian organisations.

Courses are held in 2 or 3 working languages: French + English + German or Spanish or Italian or Chinese.

Presentation of the programme Translation and International Communication

This undergraduate programme offers double degree:

  • Translation and communication assistant (degree delivered by ESTRI / UCLy)
  • BA degree in Applied Foreign Languages (offered by Lyon 2 University)

3 working languages

  1. French
  2. English
  3. Spanish or German or Italian or Chinese

Our strengths

3 working languages

2 internships abroad: 860 partner companies

1 exchange programme possible in 3rd year: semester 6

multicultural trainers


3 years (including 10 months of internship in total)

Academic programme

The academic programme of the degree “Translation and International Communication” is spread over 3 years of training. It is composed of 4 blocks of specialized skills:

  • Culture and International Affairs
  • International communication
  • Documentation and Translation
  • International mobility (internships and/or exchange programmes)

Courses are held in the chosen working languages: French + English + German or Chinese or Spanish or Italian

Each of them is evaluated by a continuous assessment and a final exam.


Learn more about the academic programme

Coaching programme

ESTRI accompanys its students in the developpement of their professional project through an unique programme composed of 3 units:


Academic preparation / professional preparation / Personal development


  • Academic strengthening to ensure academic success (95% success in the B.A in Applied Foreign languages)
  • Professionalizing workshops programme managed by a team of consultants to develop skills and qualities of each student
  • 4-week intensive training at the beginning of the 1st year to improve language proficiency and learn university methodology
  • Personalized tutoring to develop self-confidence
  • Coaching to ensure the achievement of student’s professional project:
    1. by a study manager ensuring constant academic follow-up of students
    2. by a team of internship managers preparing students for periods of mobility


Learn more about the coaching programme

Targeted skills

  • Recognizing cultural references and systems to analyze and identify socio-cultural issues
  • Understanding and comparing organizational, political, economic and international legal systems to assist their superiors
  • Cooperating in the international project organization, management and planning and adapting to different ways of working in a multicultural context
  • Interacting, defending ideas, leading debates/meetings, participating in negotiations and prospecting in several languages
  • Translating and interpreting socio-economic and technical documents from and into two foreign languages
  • Producing, writing, adapting, synthesizing multilingual technical and commercial documents
  • Researching, collecting and using multilingual information in order to create and distribute digital documents
  • Using Office software and adapting to various digital work environments


The programme might change every year according to the partnership agreement with Lyon 2 university and the evolution of the markets.

Assessment methods

  • Continuous assessment
  • Final examinations at the end of semester


  • Mandatory internship
  • Internship abroad
    • 1st year: Socioprofessional immersion internship in an English speaking country (3 to 4 months)
    • 3rd year: Technical internship in France or abroad (4 to 6 months)

Thanks to its’ partnerships with more than 230 universities in 60 countries, UCLy offers a wide range of choices for the exchange program.

Furthermore, ESTRI provides students access to its’ privileged partners.

List of our partner universities


Entry qualification: A-level

Admission conditions



  • Validated a level or completed relevant degree at the year of admission
    1. A-level or any equivalent degree for admission to the first year
    2. Validated 1st year of BA degree in Applied Foreign Languages or any equivalent degree for admission to the 2nd year
    3. Validated 2nd year of BA degree in Applied Foreign Languages or any equivalent degree for admission to the 3rd year


  • Have a professional project
    1. Professional project related to languages, international careers
    2. Identification of the career prospects of the programme in the cover letter


  • Speak three following languages:
    1. French (mandatory)
    2. English (mandatory)
    3. German or Spanish or Italian (mandatory)


  • Conclude the study contract: Document submitted at the beginning of the academic year indicating:
    1. List of courses to validate
    2. Acceptance of internal and pedagogic rules and statement of work


  • Reach at least 18 years old on May 1st following the beginning of the first year, unless exception is granted


  • Covered by social security


  • Pay the tuition fees




Cost of the programme:

€4,500 – €7,500 per year according to the family quotient + internship fees


Financial assistance is possible:
– By the CROUS: scholarship on social criteria. Information on www.crous-lyon.fr
– By the Catholic University of Lyon: with “Open” scholarships (1st registration at UCLy) or Excellence scholarships (after the 1st year of study at UCLy)

Our strengths

3 working languages

2 internships abroad

Multicultural trainers


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