Study programme (ACT)

Undergraduate programme in Translation and International Communication

Block 01: Culture and international affairs

  • History and civilization (in English/German/Chinese/Spanish or Italian)
  • Marketing (in English)
  • International trade (in English)
  • Intercultural communication
  • Legal and geopolitical environment
  • Analysis of the life of a company

Block 02: International communication

  • Language and interculturality
  • Intercultural communication
  • Professional communication
  • Visual creation and video editing

Block 03: Documentation and translation

  • Grammatical theme
  • Grammar and version
  • Online research
  • Applied language and translation

Block 04: International mobility (internships and/or university exchanges)

  • Go into socio-professional immersion in an Anglo-Saxon country and writing an internship report
  • Go on international technical internship and write an end of study thesis
  • Go on an university exchange