Aerobics, athletics, rowing, climbing, riding and football...

Around twenty sporting activities are available all year round, regardless of your level and whether it's just for fun or competitive (at regional and inter-regional university championships, national or even international competitions).

Sport brings students from different backgrounds together and unites them.

Sports offered at the Catholic University of Lyon:

- Aikido
- Athletics
- Badminton
- Basketball
- Body-building and weight-lifting
- Bums and tums stretching
- Climbing
- Dance: Jazz, Ballet, Folk, Body Toning, Rock
- Diving
- Football
- Handball
- Judo
- Juggling and circus arts
- Karate
- Riding
- Rowing
- Rugby
- Squash
- Swimming
- Table Tennis
- Taekwondo
- Tennis
- Volleyball
- Wrestling