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1st Placement

  • Students in 1st year of higher education
  • Languages spoken: French + English + German or Chinese or Spanish or Italian
  • Location: in an English speaking country
  • Length: 3 to 4 months
  • Time of year: between May and August

2nd Placement

  • Students in 3rd year of higher education
  • Languages spoken: French + English + German or Chinese or Spanish or Italian
  • Location: wherever in the world
  • Length: 4 to 6 months
  • Time of year: between January and August

3rd Placement

  • Students in 4th year of higher education
  • Languages spoken: French + English + German or Chinese or Spanish or Italian
  • Location: in a country where the student’s second foreign language is spoken (German, Chinese, Spanish or Italian)
  • Length: 6 months
  • Time of year: between January and August

4th Placement

  • Students in 5th year of higher education
  • Languages spoken: French + English + German or Chinese or Spanish or Italian
  • Location: wherever in the world
  • Length: 3 to 6 months
  • Time of year: between March and August

Communication and Translation Assistant

Bachelor's Level: 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of higher education program

Targeted skills

  • Can recognize references and cultural systems to identify socio-cultural issues
  • Can understand and compare international organizational, political, economic and legal systems, to assist their superiors
  • Can cooperate in the organization, management and planning of an international project and can adapt to different ways of working in a multicultural context
  • Can interact, defend their ideas, facilitate discussions / meetings , participate in negotiations and prospection in several languages
  • Can translate and interpret socioeconomic and technical documents from and into two foreign languages
  • Can produce, write, adapt, synthesize multilingual technical and commercial documents
  • Can search for multilingual information, and documentation, can use, produce and distribute digital documents
  • Can use office software and adapt to various digital workspaces

Career opportunities

  • Trilingual Assistant
  • Import-Export Assistant
  • Communication Assistant
  • Translation Assistant
  • Import-Export Assistant

Cross-cultural Management, Communication and Events

Master's Level: 4th and 5th year of higher education program


  • Analizing the cross-cultural aspects of communication and management situations and establishing frameworks that allow interests to be compared and common ground to be identified (in French and two foreign languages)
  • Recommending solutions to cross-cultural problems, giving strategy recommendations to management, advising and supporting managers to ensure responsible management
  • Setting the international communications policy and marketing plan
  • Promoting an organisation’s image, values, products and services abroad, to maintain relationships and developing international partnerships
  • Managing projects within multicultural teams, proposing project methodologies, managing the related logistics and putting in place monitoring mechanisms
  • Overseeing the targeting, gathering and use of multilingual information and instituting international strategic monitoring to guide decision-making
  • Optimising internal/external information flows and managing press and media relations

Targeted skills

  • Can identify the cross-cultural context from an interpersonal, anthropological, behavioural, intergenerational, cross-cultural and international perspective
  • Can analyse cross-cultural situations in order to negotiate and find common ground (in French and two foreign languages)
  • Can propose solutions to cross-cultural problems, can make recommendations to and can advise higher-ranking colleagues, and can support them in decision-making and drawing up strategies for transformation, adaptation and change management
  • Can draw up or can contribute to drawing up the communications/marketing strategy and can devise an emergency communications strategy
  • Can draw up message and content strategies, and can measure the impact of communication/marketing campaigns
  • Can present a company/organisation’s image/message to the outside world, can maintain and stimulate networks of partners
  • Can create communications materials that are multilingual (French and two foreign languages) and cross-platform, and can coordinate their production and improvement
  • Can coordinate a project team, can identify competencies within a multicultural team, can adapt, and can mediate where necessary
  • Can manage international communications, marketing and events
  • Can identify the needs and expectations of international targets/clients
  • Can put in place a document-management strategy and can oversee information monitoring
  • Can facilitate information sharing, can encourage international information flows and can coordinate press and media relations
  • Can use information and communication technologies and can adapt to new tools

Career Opportunities

  • International Communication / Marketing Officer
  • International Business Development Officer
  • International Mobility Officer
  • International Event Designer / Coordinator
  • Internal and Cross-Cultural Communication Officer
  • International Public Relations / Press Officer

Specialist Translation and Liaison Interpreting

Master's Level: 4th and 5th year of higher education program


  • Drawing out the information and message from a text/discourse, making sociolinguistic choices and translating into French from two foreign languages
  • Approving and post-editing translations
  • Devising and guiding terminological and documentary resource management strategy
  • Managing relationships, communication and negotiations with translation buyers/clients
  • Leading, coordinating and organising translation/interpretation projects while respecting the responsibilities and ethics of a professional translato
  • Using computer-aided translation tools and adapting to technological changes in the translation profession

Targeted skills

  • Can identify and convey the meaning and message of a document
  • Can compare cultural elements and identify the rules of sociolinguistic interaction
  • Can edit, reformulate, restructure, condense and adapt
  • Can revise, amend, correct, rework, optimise, harmonise and polish translated and pre-translated texts
  • Can identify the translator’s own needs in terms of documentation and to develop documentary and terminological research strategies
  • Can approach clients/translation buyers, can clarify/have them clarify their needs and objectives, and can negotiate
  • Can coordinate, schedule and manage a translation project
  • Can comply with objectives and commitments, and can provide a high-quality service
  • Can use various tools for text correction, translation, terminology, layout and documentary research
  • Can monitor technology and can adapt to technological changes in the translation profession

Career Opportunities

  • Translation project manager/officer
  • Specialist translator (law, technical, scientific)
  • Adaptation / localisation specialist
  • Liaison interpreter
  • Translation reviser, terminologist, post-editor