Academic programs

Cross-cultural management, Communication and Event coordination (Master's Level: 4th and 5th year of higher education programme)

General information

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 3, Bac + 4, Bac + 5
Admission conditions
Length of studies
2 Years (including a six-month internship and a 3 to 6-month internship)
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Cost and financial aid
€ 6,900 per year + internship fees Learn more
Accessible as
Teaching languages
2 working languages: French + English
3 working languages: French
+ English + German or Chinese or Spanish or Italian
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Graduates from the certification specialised in Cross-cultural Management, Communication and Event coordination  (Master's Level) are experts in cross-cultural analysis and perspectives who specialise in international communication, project and information management in two or three working languages.

  • 2 Languages Programme: French + English
  • 3 Languages Programme:
    • French + English + German
    • French + English + Chinese
    • French + English + Spanish
    • French + English + Italian


  • Analizing the cross-cultural aspects of communication and management situations and establishing frameworks that allow interests to be compared and common ground to be identified (in French and two foreign languages)
  • Recommending solutions to cross-cultural problems, giving strategy recommendations to management, advising and supporting managers to ensure responsible management
  • Setting the international communication policy and marketing plan
  • Promoting an organisation’s image, values, products and services abroad, to maintain relationships and developing international partnerships
  • Managing projects within multicultural teams, proposing project methodologies, managing the related logistics and putting in place monitoring mechanisms
  • Overseeing the targeting, gathering and use of multilingual information and instituting international strategic monitoring to guide decision-making
  • Optimising internal/external information flows and managing press and media relations


2 or 3 working languages
2 internships abroad (from 9 to 12 months in total)


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 3, Bac + 4, Bac + 5

Admission conditions


Cost and financial aid :

Conditions of validation

Final exam for each courses


Mandatory internship
Internship abroad


2 or 3 working languages
1 Blended Learning Pedagogy with online courses and Business Games
2 Internships
70% of your trainers are professionals from marketing, communication, management...
1 Onboarding Week to get to know your colleages and your training
2 Coaching Weeks to prepare for your job hunt
2 Business Weeks to meet speacialsts and professionals
1 Training Week to learn how to work in a team

Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 5
Level of education obtained after completion
Niveau I

Targeted skill(s)

Can identify the cross-cultural context from an interpersonal, anthropological, behavioural, intergenerational, cross-cultural and international perspective
Can analyse cross-cultural situations in order to negotiate and find common ground (in French and two foreign languages)
Can propose solutions to cross-cultural issues, can make recommendations to and can advise higher-ranking colleagues, and can support them in decision-making and drawing up strategies for transformation, adaptation and change management
Can draw up or can contribute to drawing up the communication/marketing strategy and can devise an emergency communication strategy
Can draw up message and content strategies, and can measure the impact of communication/marketing campaigns
Can present a company/organisation’s image/message to the outside world, can maintain and stimulate networks of partners
Can create communication materials that are multilingual (French and English or French and English and another foreign language) and cross-platform, and can coordinate their production and improvement
Can coordinate a project team, can identify skills within a multicultural team, can adapt, and can mediate where necessary
Can manage international communication, marketing and events
Can identify the needs and expectations of international targets/clients
Can put in place a document-management strategy and can oversee information monitoring
Can facilitate information sharing, can encourage international information flows and can coordinate press and media relations
Can use information and communication technologies and can adapt to new tools