Academic programs

Specialist Translation and Liaison Interpreting (Master's Level: 4th and 5th year of higher education programme)

General information

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 3, Bac + 4, Bac + 5
Admission conditions
Length of studies
2 Years (including a six-month internship and a 3 to 6-month internship)
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Cost and financial aid
€ 6,900 per year + internship fees Learn more
Accessible as
Teaching languages
English + German > French
English + Spanish > French
English + Italian > French
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Graduates from the certification specialised in Specialist Translation and Liaison Interpreting are experts in translation and sociolinguistic review of texts, who specialise in information and documentation, provision of translation services and use of translation tools.

  • English + German > French
  • English + Spanish > French
  • English + Italian > French


  • Drawing out the information and message from a text/discourse, making sociolinguistic choices and translating into French from two foreign languages
  • Approving and post-editing translations
  • Devising and guiding terminological and documentary resource management strategy
  • Managing relationships, communication and negotiations with translation buyers/clients
  • Leading, coordinating and organising translation/interpretation projects while respecting the responsibilities and ethics of a professional translator
  • Using computer-aided translation tools and adapting to technological changes in the translation profession


3 working languages
2 internships abroad (from 9 to 12 months in total)


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 3, Bac + 4, Bac + 5

Admission conditions


Cost and financial aid :

Conditions of validation

Final exam for each courses


Mandatory internship
Internship abroad

4th Year of higher education : Industry Placement abroad (6 months)
5th Year of higher education : End-of-course internship in France or abroad (3 to 6 months)



3 working languages
2 Internships
70% of your trainers are translation professionals...
1 Onboarding Week to get to know your colleages and your training
2 Coaching Weeks to prepare for your job hunt
2 Business Weeks to meet speacialsts and professionals
1 Training Week to learn how to work in a team

Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 5
Level of education obtained after completion
Niveau I

Targeted skill(s)

  • Can identify and convey the meaning and message of a document
  • Can compare cultural elements and identify the rules of sociolinguistic interaction
  • Can edit, reformulate, restructure, condense and adapt
  • Can revise, amend, correct, rework, optimise, harmonise and polish translated and pre-translated texts
  • Can identify the translator’s own needs in terms of documentation and to develop documentary and terminological research strategies
  • Can approach clients/translation buyers, can clarify/have them clarify their needs and objectives, and can negotiate
  • Can coordinate, schedule and manage a translation project
  • Can comply with objectives and commitments, and can provide a high-quality service
  • Can use various tools for text correction, translation, terminology, layout and documentary research
  • Can monitor technology and can adapt to technological changes in the translation profession